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Union Meeting Dates - Times are at 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held at the Pardella Club.
Union Meeting Dates

** News **

You can access your Astaris 401K Plan through the Internet or by phone at
1-(800) 835-5097 or

Our Web Sponsor The Angels Garden gave us a dozen $12 off
coupons for Six Flags of St. Louis. If interested, contact George
in Maintenance at x869. First Come, first served.

Starting in May, one union meeting per month on the second Tuesday. Dates
are listed above. 

SIP transactions can now be done online- click here!

August Birthday's

George Meitz
Keith Sanders 
Eugene Axley
Raphael Morris
Mark Walter
Fred King
Marty Rieser
Thomas Macker
August 3
August 3
August 5
August 5
August 5
August 9
August 9
August 10
Matt Finley
Mike Lacoste
Ted Zorich
Sharon Pulliam
Craig Scates
Kirk Douglas
John Jones
August 11
August 13
August 19
August 20
August 21
August 27
August 28

Tidbits: None to report

Year 2000 Holidays

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